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While I was shooting (photo shooting of course!) the Pets at Petmed (from the previous post), this guy was watching. Every once in a while I would snag a few shots of him. I’m glad I did as I think they were my best shots of the day!


Lori N. and Jennifer T.

I was very happy to have the opportunity to take some photos of Lori and her sons Brandon and Evan. It’s been a long time since she had any photos taken so I was more than happy to help out!

Jennifer is a friend of mine and a good friend of Lori’s so when Jennifer heard I was doing a shoot for Lori, she decided to come along also to get some photos of her and her daughter. It was a great afternoon and we came away with tons of “keepers”!

Of course I had to break out the red chair again!

Thank you ladies for the opportunity, and thanks Brandon and Evan for tolerating!

The Little Red Chair

So I was told at work about some little red chairs they had. They used them as part of staging furniture but they no longer needed them. They said they were the perfect size for my kids. As soon as I saw them, I knew exactly what I wanted to use them for. I brought them home on Friday and by Saturday evening I had them out in the field across the street posing for photos. After a few odd looks from the neighbors, we had tons of photos!

This Week at the Lake – 30/52

I let my son choose the lead photo this week. I couldn’t decide between this deer portrait and this lakescape:

I think he chose well though, I think that is my best deer portrait so far.

I got some pretty good stuff this week, I started off on Monday morning when I shot the sunrise above. Tuesday I went on my lunch break. As soon as I got close to the lake I could here tons of geese. They have certainly returned from their summer break in a big way! I headed down Otter Creek Rd along the lake to capture some goose photos:

I also got this abstract

I got to go again Wednesday morning so I headed back down Otter Creek Rd.

This time the lake was very steamy/misty

I wanted to capture some geese photos with the mist
I went a little crazy with this one, but I thought it looked pretty cool

I really wanted to get one in flight, I managed this one

Finally I had to head back to the car. I stopped one last time at a clearing and I heard the geese – here they come!
Finally, a group flew right by me

I went again Friday during lunch and that was when I captured the deer portrait above and this one

And that’s it for the week!

Thanks for looking!

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