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The Little Red Chair

So I was told at work about some little red chairs they had. They used them as part of staging furniture but they no longer needed them. They said they were the perfect size for my kids. As soon as I saw them, I knew exactly what I wanted to use them for. I brought them home on Friday and by Saturday evening I had them out in the field across the street posing for photos. After a few odd looks from the neighbors, we had tons of photos!


A Hawk! No wait, a Sunset!

So the family and I were riding home after a competitive game of disc golf at a local park, when I glanced at a field we were passing and I noticed a very large Red Tailed Hawk sitting on a hay bale.

We turned around, and I thought I would get out of the car down the road some and walk to a tree line to see if I could get a shot of the hawk. Well, we stopped a little closer than I wanted and as soon as I made it to the edge of the road, the hawk flew away. I believe he was watching me as soon as the car stopped! I continued on to the tree line to see if could find where he flew to but I saw him soaring far away.

By now, 10-15 minutes had passed and, as I began to head back to the car (where my wife and kids were waiting), I noticed the sky was really taking shape to produce a nice sunset. I convinced them we needed to stay a few more minutes, and this is the result:

I had to get one more as we drove away!

Even got a couple of the family: