A Whole Lot of Randomness…

So I haven’t posted many blog entries lately except for my This Week at the Lake posts. So now is the time to catch up! There are a lot of photos here, if you follow me on facebook or flickr you may have seen some of these but many are being published for the first time.

Here is the Randomness, in not so random order:

Here I was practicing with using a flash

A random office building in Franklin, TN

From the Laundromat from when my washing machine broke:

A Self Portrait…

Looking out at the snow on my car during my 4 hour commute home one snowy evening

On the way to work one morning, didn’t look like a very good day for a hot air balloon ride!

Vanderbilt University at Night


More portrait/lighting practice

I like the one above of my daughter but I feel like I blew this one of my son. I should have been able to get more sky in the photo…

A neighbor


See? Random wasn’t it!? Hope you enjoyed them though!


Tennessee Titans Vs. Oakland Raiders

I was able to go to the Season Opener at LP Field this past Sunday! I’m a big Titans fan and always jump at an opportunity to go to a game. Of course…. I’ve got to bring the camera!

Here are some sports/action shots from our AWESOME seats….

This was the opening play for the Titans offense, an option that Vince Young kept

This is Vince Young throwing a 56 yard pass to Nate Washington for a Touchdown!

I liked all the action in this…Even got the ball in the air

The Hand off – They’ll be doing this a lot this year!

Here is Chris Johnson at the beginning of his 76 yard touchdown run!

Raiders quarterback Jason Campbell can’t handle the snap!

Look at that gap! Chris Johnson on a 4 yard touchdown run.

Of course, I’ve also got some “non-action” shots….

Defensive coach Chuck Cecil

Where’s Waldo?

The Titans looked great for a 38-13 win!

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Thanks for looking!