Motorcycle Shoot

I recently met up with John of to shoot his new motorcycle. I was excited about this shoot, and had a lot of ideas in my head. I got several that I planned and several that were not planned. We met downtown Murfreesboro for some dark urban photos. Here is a sample of what we got:

Want shots of your bike or car? Send me an email – m_macgregor[at]comcast[dot]net

Thanks for looking!


A Whole Lot of Randomness…

So I haven’t posted many blog entries lately except for my This Week at the Lake posts. So now is the time to catch up! There are a lot of photos here, if you follow me on facebook or flickr you may have seen some of these but many are being published for the first time.

Here is the Randomness, in not so random order:

Here I was practicing with using a flash

A random office building in Franklin, TN

From the Laundromat from when my washing machine broke:

A Self Portrait…

Looking out at the snow on my car during my 4 hour commute home one snowy evening

On the way to work one morning, didn’t look like a very good day for a hot air balloon ride!

Vanderbilt University at Night


More portrait/lighting practice

I like the one above of my daughter but I feel like I blew this one of my son. I should have been able to get more sky in the photo…

A neighbor


See? Random wasn’t it!? Hope you enjoyed them though!

The Best of 2010

I feel like this year has been pretty good for my photography. I’ve taken tons of photos and learned a lot. I’ve brought together a collection of what I feel like are this years best photos. I hope you enjoy!

In chronological order, here are my favorite 25 from 2010:


Taken in January, I got the idea for this shot when I took this shot on my way to work one morning. I was trying to get a composition without the light trails but I couldn’t do it. When I got home and saw the shot, I realized that the light trails could be an awesome inclusion next time. So, a couple days later the skies were shaping up for a great sunset. I pulled off of Highway 840 on my way home from work onto an overpass and captured the shot. On flickr this shot has over 950 hits and 109 faves and appears in 4 galleries. The location of this shot


Another shot taken in January. I saw a shot from this location on flickr and I asked the photographer about the location. He was nice enough to share and I headed out there one evening. I really like the shot because there is so much to look at. The light is different on every floor, the trash cans are all in different locations – I just found myself looking at this shot for quite a while. I never expected it to be popular on flickr, but it has received over 800 hits and 95 faves. The location of the shot


A third from January, I spent a long time in the cold to get this one! This was pretty much the start of me chasing birds and other wildlife. I took tons of shots of this bird all over my back yard and got a few that I liked, this one probably being the best. I had the camera wrapped up in plastic because it was really snowing hard. By the time I got inside, my fingers were frozen and my clothes were pretty wet – but it was worth it! Over 750 hits on flickr and 65 faves. The location of this shot


Taken in March. This is a sunrise at the Stones River Battlefield in Murfreesboro Tennessee. I snuck out early one Saturday morning to get this. I think the composition and tones are very nice in this shot. Over 375 hits on flickr and 37 faves. The location of this shot


Taken the same morning in March as the previous shot. I really like how it turned out. I was fairly new to using textures at that point so this was me experimenting some. I just like the vintage look and feel to this image. Over 180 views on flickr and 21 faves. The location of this shot


This shot was taken at the end of April at the same location as shot number 2 of this series. I went up there on a stormy afternoon hoping to catch some awesome storm clouds or maybe even lighting over the city. I never got lightning and the storm clouds dissipated but I was able to come away with a definite keeper! Over 3,700 views on flickr and 29 faves. The location of the shot


Taken in May when Nashville endured the flooding of the Cumberland River. I think it rained like 18 inches in 36 hours in Nashville. Though this may make the flood look beautiful, it really was a tragic event. This was taken from the LP Field parking lot. Over 1,200 views and 28 faves on flickr. The location of this shot


Also taken in May. This shot felt perfect for black and white, the skies are pretty amazing. This shot won a small local photo contest this year also. Over 260 views and 10 faves. The location of this shot


Taken in June. I love the skies in this shot and I think having my Wife stand in was a great idea. I almost didn’t get this shot. The kids were both taking a nap so my Wife and I decided to take a short walk down the street. I originally didn’t even bring the camera, but after a couple minutes I saw these skies and I had to run back to get it! 370 views and 36 faves. The location of this shot


My first shot to make the list from Radnor Lake. This shot was taken one evening in June. This is one of my favorite Radnor Lake Lakescapes to date. I love the sky and colors throughout. Over 1,000 views and 35 faves. The location of this shot


Woooooooow! I love this shot! Taken in June at Radnor Lake. I saw the deer eating on either side of the trail so I decided I was going to wait there as long as it took. I knew eventually one of them would cross the path. Sure enough, about 15-20 minutes later, she crossed. I’m very lucky there were no other hikers out to scare them off while I waited. Radnor Lake is usually a very busy place. Over 650 views and 48 faves. The location of this shot


I think this is one of my all time best Nashville skyline shots. I took this July 4th weekend. I like that there was a concert going on and that the General Jackson showboat is there. Over 390 views and 40 faves. The location of this shot


I may be the only one who would pull this shot out as one of my best in 2010. I love the light, her hair, and the fact that you can see her smiling and having fun even though you don’t see her face. This shot was just perfect for black and white. Over 130 views and 7 faves. The location of this shot


Taken in July at Radnor Lake. I spotted this little guy all by himself near the path. I crouched down to get the shot and was stunned when he actually turned and took a few steps in my direction. Not the sharpest of photos but it was taken with a fairly slow shutter (1/50) at 200mm. I was lucky to get it this sharp. Over 350 views and 19 faves. The location of this shot


Hours of work here! Taken in July in my back yard. We set up hummingbird feeders and had several hummingbirds visit frequently. I sat out there for hours over the summer hoping to get an in-flight hummingbird – and here is the result! Over 180 views and 21 faves. The location of this shot


Definitely my favorite sunrise or sunset shot of 2010. This was taken in August at Radnor Lake. The sun rays coming over the clouds are just amazing! 4,950 views and 36 faves. The location of this shot


Also in August. I was bored at the house one Saturday afternoon. I decided to try a splash shot so I got some lemonade and headed outside. This was the last shot I took, I literally threw the lemon into the glass! Over 1,850 views and 17 faves. The location of this shot


Maybe one of my faves for personal reasons but I think it’s an awesome shot all around. I had the idea in my head before we even got to the school and it worked out perfectly. I love the colors and tones and the composition is perfect! This will be one we hang on the wall eventually! Over 260 views and 20 faves. The location of this shot


My fourth from August. I just love the flare in this one. I think the colors and light on the porch are great too! Almost 200 views and 23 faves. The location of this shot


Just a beautiful September sunset! Middle Tennessee really gets some great skies. Almost 500 views and 43 faves. The location of this shot


Another sunrise at Radnor Lake. This one taken in October on a stormy morning. I really didn’t think I was going to get much from the skies that morning but then some color finally broke through probably 30+ minutes after the sunrise. 82 views and 1 fave. Location of the shot


Another from October. I’ve had this idea for a while and finally decided to try it. It was much harder than I thought. I stood under some trees at Radnor Lake for probably an hour on a windy day. I took hundreds of attempts, finally snagging this one – A leaf in mid fall. 128 views and 18 faves. The location of this shot


I spent a lot of time on this shot and I love how it turned out. This was really an impressive cathedral. 165 views and 12 faves. The location of this shot


What can I say? Absolutely adorable! I was taking some pet photos for a vet clinic and this guy was there watching. I just had to snag a few shots and I love how they turned out! 109 views and 10 faves. The location of this shot


Last but certainly not least, a shot I took in November. This is the Kentucky lake from the Big Sandy Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge. I love the reflections and the hazy, dreamy look to this photo. Over 200 views and 21 faves.

I hope you enjoyed viewing as much as I enjoyed taking the photos. I have a lot to learn and a lot to work on but I’m really looking forward to viewing 2011 from the viewfinder of my Canon.

Thanks to everyone for the support, comments, tips, and advice shared throughout the year – I really appreciate it!

Happy New Year!

Only a Couple in Texas

I was recently in the areas of Dallas and Austin Texas. It was my first time in Texas so even though it was a business trip, I brought my camera. Unfortunately (as I assumed would happen) I did not have time for photography. Not even our hotels were very interesting. I never even saw the Austin skyline until I was on the way to the airport to leave. I spent most of the days in conference rooms and the afternoons touring houses (I work for a home builder Drees Homes)

The only chance I got was after dinner on Monday in Irving, Texas (just out side of Dallas). The skies looked great so I walked across the street from the hotel and found an office building to include in the photos:

The next morning I got these from the window of my hotel room:
The skyline in the far distance on the left is, I believe, Dallas

Austin really seems like a great city, I would love to visit again with my family when I can spend time doing photography…..

Franklin, Tennessee

Earlier this week I stopped by Franklin, Tennessee after work to get some photos. Before this, I had zero shots of the downtown area of Franklin.

I got lots of shots, we’ll break it up into categories…


There were so many people and cars it was hard getting most of those shots. Once I found a composition I wanted I would have to wait several minutes to get it with no cars…

Black and White

Downtown Franklin is well suited for Black and White photography


Most of these color shots looked so good in black and white also, but I needed to throw some color in there!