Murfree Springs Wetlands

Murfree Springs Wetlands – The Water Lilies

Seems like every time I’m at the Discovery Center in Murfreesboro, the water lilies are closed. I haven’t caught them open all summer. Do they close every evening?

Here is my small collection of (closed) water lilies:

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Murfree Springs Wetlands – The Ducks

More for my Murfree Springs Wetlands series. The last post for this series featured the Night Herons that can be found there, this post will feature the Ducks!

All these shots were taken this summer at the Murfree Springs Wetlands, in Murfreesboro Tennessee

Thanks for looking!

Murfree Springs Wetlands – The Night Herons

I’ve decided to try to post more series, my last post was the start of my Back Yard Fun series (that one for Humming Birds) — So here’s another series I will start – photos taken at the Murfree Springs Wetlands, at the Discovery Center in Murfreesboro.

Most everyone already knows how much I enjoy Radnor Lake, another spot I visit frequently is the Discovery Center in Murfreesboro (much closer to home!). There’s a playground there so the kids love it, and there are always Ducks, Herons, Birds, Dragonflies, Flowers….. All sorts of things for a photographer to shoot.

In this post, I’ll feature the Night Herons. All the shots were taken this summer: