This Week at the Lake – 25/52

Nothing too exciting this week. I visited Radnor Lake often, and got tons of deer shots this week. I also switched up my path there, making a loop that’s perfect for my lunch break. Starting in the east parking lot, head down Otter Creek Rd. Take the Lake Trail to the right. After a short distance, the lake trail meets the Ganier Ridge trail. Take that trail up the hill for a little while and then take the spur trail to the right, which heads back to the parking lot. It’s a perfect 30-40 minute hike.

I did this hike on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. There were lots of deer to see along the trail each day. Here is this weeks take:

I was hiding 🙂

a small woodpecker

A great blue heron by the lake shore

A whole lot of green, and a little bit of red

A bird (green heron?) flies across the lake early in the morning

A crazy looking wildflower

Saw this snake on Friday. I also found some snake skin only a few feet away from where he was sun bathing.

Thanks for looking!

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