Only a Couple in Texas

I was recently in the areas of Dallas and Austin Texas. It was my first time in Texas so even though it was a business trip, I brought my camera. Unfortunately (as I assumed would happen) I did not have time for photography. Not even our hotels were very interesting. I never even saw the Austin skyline until I was on the way to the airport to leave. I spent most of the days in conference rooms and the afternoons touring houses (I work for a home builder Drees Homes)

The only chance I got was after dinner on Monday in Irving, Texas (just out side of Dallas). The skies looked great so I walked across the street from the hotel and found an office building to include in the photos:

The next morning I got these from the window of my hotel room:
The skyline in the far distance on the left is, I believe, Dallas

Austin really seems like a great city, I would love to visit again with my family when I can spend time doing photography…..


One response

  1. backlitpxl

    The first two is my fav! Cool shots!

    July 30, 2010 at 3:02 am

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