3 Parks in 5 Days

In addition to the Savage Gulf Trip we took on Thursday May 27, we all went to 2 other state parks over the Memorial Day weekend. On Sunday May 30 we went to Old Stone Fort State Park in Manchester Tennessee:

We’ve been there before, but this time we went to cook out. We had a great time, the kids even got to cook some marshmellows:

(she was not happy that it was burnt!)

Other shots from that day:

There are several great waterfalls there but they are kind of hard to get to (especially with two young kids!). I think we found a way but then it started raining so we headed back to the car.

Here are some shots from previous trips there:
Old Stone Fort State Park

The Leaning Tree of Middle Tennessee

The next day, Monday May 31, we went to Rock Island State Park near McMinnville:

View Larger Map

This was our first time at this park. Shortly after we entered the park, we saw this:

There were lots of waterfalls there but this place was a composition nightmare! None of the falls were easy to get to and I didn’t get a shot of most of them. None of them looked really great from the overlooks. Maybe I’ll go back with out the kids….

We also cooked out for lunch here and then the kids got in the water. It was packed but still fun:

My son under one of the many small falls

Other shots from that day:

(this one took a long time to get as people kept walking through the scene….)

On the way home, we stopped just outside of the park and got this:

It was a great weekend! Hopefully we will do more of this all summer…


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