This Week at the Lake – 12/52

This Week at the Lake - 12/52

A Barred Owl! So I finally got to see an owl at Radnor lake.

My first trip to the lake for the week was on Monday morning. The light is so great in the morning – I keep taking these bench shots:

I also got this shot of part of the fence that keeps people on the trail:

All those were take with the 70-200 2.8 L – All at 2.8 and all at long Focal lengths. I love the 2.8 aperture and the depth of focus it gives.

Also that morning I got a couple shots of deer:

I’m not sure why I keep putting the deer shots in black and white! I think they turn out really good though.

On my way back to the car that morning, I started talking with another photographer I met on the trail. I mentioned how I wanted to see an owl and he said he sees an owl almost every time he comes to the lake! He told me where to go sit (the link takes you to a picture of the long bridge at the start of the lake trail when coming from the ease parking lot)

My next chance to get to the lake came on Wednesday. So I went straight to this spot and sat on a bench. I sat for a couple minutes thinking I was wasting my lunch break when I heard the owl. It was coming from the direction of the east parking lot. So, do I get up and head back toward the parking lot or sit here longer? So I decided to sit and a couple minutes later I heard him again. But then nothing, for over 5 minutes I didn’t hear or see him. I was ready to give up (I’m just impatient) so I got up and turned around and noticed this little buck laying down right behind me!

While I was getting shots of this deer, another couple came walking down the bridge. He saw my camera and told me he had just seen an owl! I couldn’t believe it! If I had walked back out to the road I would have seen him. I was kind kind of mad and was going to head back to work. When I was telling the guy that I had been waiting for an owl, the owl swooped in and landed on a tree not far from the bridge!
The shot at the top of this post along with this:

I got several shots of him in the tree and then he flew to the ground looking for something to eat:

He stood in the same spot for a long time waiting for something in the little creek, then he attacked

The rest are too blurry to post as it was rather dark in the woods. I don’t think he got what he was after so he flew back to a tree that was further away. By then I had been gone from work for an hour and still had the 5 minute walk back to the car and the 15 minute drive back to the office! Better get going…..

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  1. Enjoyed your post Malcolm. You’ve gotten some great shots from the park and I am so envious of your owl capture. I also love 2.8 shots. 🙂

    May 29, 2010 at 9:52 am

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