This Week at the Lake – 11/52

This Week at the Lake - 11/52

This week I made two lunch break trips to the lake. I have been so busy at work the last few weeks that it is hard for me to break away. I’m glad that I’m doing this project because it really forces me to make time to get there. After I leave the lake, I’m always glad I went. It’s a great break in the middle of the day.

The above shot is the same bridge I lead off with last week, just a much different perspective. I took that shot on Friday. That day I actually carried my camera bag with me, something I don’t usually do. Because I did, I was able to switch lenses and get a much different view of the same bridge. You really should view it LARGE on Black – it looks much better that way!

IMG_1158 copy
This deer greeted me at the very beginning of the trail on Wednesday. I got very close to her. I processed it a couple different ways and I let my wife choose what she thought was the best – black and white it is!

IMG_1193 copy
This is a different deer, this shot was taken on the east side of the Lake Trail on Friday. She appears to be very pregnant. Again, black and white seemed like a great fit to the photo.

IMG_1163 copy
Finally, I caught this heron on Wednesday. I wanted to wait a while to see if I could get a shot of it taking off or flying, but I had to get going to get back to work….


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