This Week at the Lake – 9/52

IMG_1065 copy

Well I struggled to get anything decent this week. I was only able to visit the lake twice, for 40 minutes on Wednesday and 40 minutes on Thursday. Most of my best shots come when I can get there first thing in the morning – unfortunately, I was not able to do that this week.
On top of that, most of the road was closed due to storm damage. Radnor Lake received heavy damage along Otter Creek Road in the recent heavy rains that flooded Nashville. Check this photo out on Radnor Lake’s website! It’s absolutely incredible the damage that can be caused by water…

Along with the damage to the road, they said over 50 trees were down. Most of the Lake trail that I usually walk seemed ok. You could tell there was heavy rain and a lot of water but there didn’t appear to be major damage.

The above shot shows a deck they had to close. This deck overlooks a creek that results in the water flowing over the dam. During the heavy rains, the sides of the creek were washed away right up to one of the posts of this deck. It was very close to washing the entire deck away!

IMG_1068_69_70_tonemapped copy
This shot shows where they have closed Otter Creek Road

IMG_1071 copy
Here is a big snapping turtle trying to escape the muck! There is a lot of extra debris and mud in the water because of the heavy rains.

IMG_1058 copy
One of the many benches along the Lake Trail

For more information on my 52 week project at Radnor Lake – Click Here


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